Saturday, April 21, 2007

Are getting the sales and interest from your website that you would like?

If the answer is no, A Working Web Site can help you get greater exposure, greater impact and more sales. We've done it for other people and companies, and we could do it for you, too. At the very least, we are offering a way to find out without risking a minute of your time or a penny of your money. We are one of America's leading Web design firms with a twist - we are also expert marketers our client list includes Dice Imaging, Money Maun Financial Group, Bell Insurance, and ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning, to name a few. We have vast experience in making sure your site achieves what it should—getting noticed and making sales. With just a couple of simple strategies, one of our sites went from 7 hits a month to over 1,300! We will market your site professionally for just $150 per month. The usual value is $250 per month. This marketing includes: * Fresh content on your Home Page monthly. * Submission to the top 20 Search Engines (research shows that the top 10 Search Engines generate 95% of Website traffic) monthly. * Creation of special pages (called 'splash' pages) to increase Search Engine rankings. * Review and insertion of meta tags (hidden parts of your Website that are looked at by the computer from the Search Engine). * Copywriting expert to review your site, suggest (and make) copy changes. Pick up the phone, call us at (602) 354-3738, and say you're calling about the 'Business Special'. We'll take it from there. If you call and buy before May 15th 2007, we'll throw in a FREE review of your Website valued at over $100. It's a comprehensive review by our marketing and Internet experts that will tell you all the facts.
A Working Web Site

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